Constitution and Policies

The Constitution provides the framework for the administration of the Centre. Additionally the Centre establishes local by-laws (rules) and policies to administer certain activities and assets under its control and direction.

Amendments to the Constitution can only be made with the consent of the majority of members of the Centre. By-laws and policies can be established, modified or rescinded by either a majority of the Committee of Management or at the request of the members to hold a special meeting to consider a motion, where a majority vote confirms a decision.

The Centre is affiliated with Little Athletics Tasmania (LATas). LATas has a range of regulations and policies designed to support the operations of Little Athletics member Centres across Tasmania. LATas rules and policies are adopted when our local Centre documentation is silent on an issue.

Documents Register
01 – Constitution of Kingborough Little Athletics Centre Incorporated
02 – Committee Nomination Form
03 – By-Laws of Kingborough Little Athletics Centre Incorporated

Policy Register
01 – Relay Team Selection
02 – Centre Multi Team Selection
03 – Recognition of Achievement through Financial Assistance (State Team)
04 – Centre Sun Smart Policy
05 – Smoke Free Policy

Annual Reports
2022-23 Annual Report
2021-22 Annual Report
2020-21 Annual Report
2019-20 Annual Report

2018-19 Annual Report
2017-18 Annual Report
2016-17 Annual Report
2015-16 Annual Report