Competition Gear

Our compulsory competition gear is the KLAC T-shirt – which is required for competition.

Competition T-Shirts – $43 each

Competition T-Shirts can be purchased from the KLAC Uniform Store (located within the club rooms) on regular competition days, stay tuned for online purchases (coming soon).

Casual Gear

Coming soon!

KLAC are introducing a casual gear range, this will soon be available from our online shop. This includes a range of KLAC branded gear intended for warmup, training and social members.

KLAC Hoodies

Hoodies are an optional clothing item available to athletes.

KLAC Track Pants

Track Pants are an optional clothing item available to athletes.


KLAC badged hats are an optional clothing item available to athletes and social members.

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Our Centre top is a green shirt with white and black trim. All registered athletes, with the exception of Tiny Tots, are required to have a Centre top to compete in.

The athlete’s name and sponsorship badges must be placed as shown in the Little Athletics Tasmania Guide, this can be found here. Should you need replacement badges, please contact the Centre Registrar.

LATas badge placement

Parents should note the correct placement of badges is a LATas requirement. Incorrect placement of badges will result in an athlete not being able to compete in State Conducted events.

All achievement award badges must be placed on the back of the Centre top. Only the current season’s badges are to be worn. Further details can be found in the LATas Information Manual.