What age can my child join KLAC?

We welcome all athletes from ages 3-14 years, it doesn’t matter if your child hasn’t participated in athletics before as we offer free coaching and a friendly and supportive environment to learn.

Children must have turned 3 by the 31st December of the season to join Tiny Tots.

What are Tiny Tots?

Tiny Tots is designed for 3-5 year old’s, it encompasses skills based games that are focussed on participation and fun.  Tiny Tots also get a turn on the track and have a great time being cheered along.  Tiny Tots program is generally run from 10am on a usual meet.

What happens if we change our mind after registering, can we get a refund?

No, unfortunately this process is run by the overarching organisation and they will not provide refunds. 

We offer two free trials to new families, this enables new athletes to try a broad range of events.

Can I use ticket to play vouchers?

Yes, you can use Ticket to Play vouchers to help pay for registration. For more information on eligibility please go to the  Department of Community Tasmania website.

Are times and measurements counted if my athlete hasn’t been registered?

No, you must have paid your registration fees for times and measurements to be recorded.

How long does a typical meet last?

KLAC starts at 8.30am beginning with a warmup.  We encourage parent help and generally finish between 10.30 -11.30am.

Do adults need to stay?

Yes, it is a requirement that each child has a designated adult for the duration of the meet.

Why do you ask adults to help?

Athletes feel supported if their adult actively contributes, and the more help we get the quicker the events are finished! 

What if I don’t want my child’s photo on Facebook or other media platform?

We cannot guarantee that your child’s photo will not get taken either at KLAC or another Little Athletics event, however if you would like your athletes photo removed, please make contact.

Can my athlete compete in the next age group if they are excelling?

No, each athlete needs to stay in their correct age group.  Athletes are encouraged to better themselves and can track their personal best times once they are registered.

Is coaching offered?

Yes, we are very fortunate to have experienced coaches volunteer at KLAC and coaching will be provided on Thursday from 4pm to 6pm and Sunday from 2pm to 4pm. Coach and compete sessions will be offered throughout the season.

What is coach and compete?

This is where one of our highly experienced coaches, or a guest coach will take an activity such as high jump and coach the athletes as they take part in the event.  We often find that during these sessions, athletes gain a personal best result.

Where can I see my athletes performance record during the season?

Athlete performance summaries can be found here.

What clothes and equipment are needed?

KLAC provides all the equipment during the meets.  Athletes are required to have a KLAC top and wear black shorts with a logo no larger than 20cm2 (eg 4 x5cm or 2 x 10cm), with a maximum height of 4cm. Shorts must also sit above the knee. KLAC has caps, hoodies and track pants which can be ordered from registrar@kingboroughlittleathletics.org.au

Does my athlete need to wear specialised shoes?

No, there is no requirement for any particular shoes but comfort should always come first. There are two commonly worn shoes, Waffles for U10 and below and Spikes for U11 and up.  The shoes provide more grip, especially on grass.  They cannot be worn in some events such as Discus, Shot Put and Walks.

What if I am not happy with behaviour?

KLAC is a happy, supportive club but with a lot of children and adults in one place, sometimes it’s easy to forget our best manners.  KLAC abides by a code of conduct and any antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. Any concerns should be discussed with a member of the KLAC committee.

Is the KLAC Committee voluntary?

Yes.  The committee appreciates your support, positivity and patience while any issues get addressed.