Welcome to Season 2021-22 at Kingborough Little Athletics

Hello KLAC Athletes, Parents and Guardians

I would like to share some important information before our first meet on Saturday, 9 October (tomorrow).

Venue: Due to the weather causing disruption to Gormley Park oval we will be using Lightwood 1 oval up the road from Gormley Park with parking just below the Kingborough Sports Centre Gym at the back. Older athletes will walk down to Gormley in groups to do jumps and have a throw, this will be communicated on the day but everyone will start at Lightwood 1 by 8.30 am.

Program: We need to run a modified program to make sure the athletes are safe e.g. no high jump because of slip risk. See program attached.

Tiny Tots: Tiny Tots program will start at 10 am and we ask that you arrive by 9.30 am. New Tiny Tots who are trialling please check in at the desk.

Trialling athletes: All new trialling athletes please check in at the desk – you will be given a name badge.

Returning athletes: Some name badges are now available, please go to the desk marked ‘Returning Athletes’ to get your badge or to write a temporary one

Time: Starting at 8.30 am (except for Tiny Tots) but if you want to arrive earlier that will assist with getting everyone through the administration

Food: The soccer club will open their canteen for snacks and we will be operating a BBQ serving basic sausage in bread and bacon and egg rolls.

Bring: Water bottle, sun hat, coats and anything else you think you will need for a Tassie Spring day.

Wear: Black shorts if possible and KLAC top, for trialling athletes please wear a t-shirt you are comfortable in.

Check in: Please check in using the Check in App, manual sign-in will be near the canteen.

How will it all work: Athletes will gather on the oval for a warm up led by older athletes from 8.40 am. I will do a briefing over the PA to let parents know how the day will run and any other housekeeping information.

Coaches: There will be plenty of qualified coaches helping out our athletes so they get off to the best possible start.

Love your committee: Things haven’t gone quite to plan due to weather and ground conditions, however the committee have pulled out all stops in an effort to make this meet happen. This weekends program has been modified but all events that have been dropped will be made up over the season. This is the program for this weekends meet:

Get Involved: KLAC meets happen because of family involvement, please be prepared to pull up your sleaves and assist with events. From my experience, this is the best way to take an interest and encourage your child to do their best (and have fun). It provides a front row seat and allows you to learn about the events offered and be involved. We are also looking to explore Age Group Coordinators this year, please make contact if you can assist.

Please keep an eye on Facebook, the feed also appears on the website if you don’t have that platform.

We can’t wait to get started and meet all new athletes and welcome back returning families on Saturday. Please make contact if you have any questions, otherwise we will see you and your athletes at Lightwood 1 oval at 8.30 am Saturday 9 October. Feel free to turn up earlier if you are early risers!

Adrian Hatten