Changes to Rules of Competition 2016-17

Little Athletics Australia member states have agreed to all subscribe to the same Standard Events and Rules for Competition. Events may change from State to State, but minimum age groups and fixed competition rules will apply to each rule, event or competition respectively. The implementation of these changes will be phased in over a number of years.

The following changes have been introduced this season:


Under 9 - Sprint hurles height will be 45cm (not 52.5cm).
Under 13: 200m hurdles will be reintroduced, at a reduced height of 68cm (not 76cm). The event will also be offered at the State Championships.
Under 15: New 300m hurdles event will repalce the 200m hurdles.

Long Jump

Under 11 and up will now use a board or mat (no sand on the mat).

Triple Jump

Triple jump will now commence at Under 10 age group, and be phased to commence at Under 11 age groups from 2017-18.

Under 10 will use sand on the mat.

Under 11 and up will use a board or mat (no sand on the mat) with measurement taken from the front of the mat.

High Jump

High jump returns for the Under 8 age group and will be offered as a State event.

Scissor technique will be compulsory for Under 8, Under 9 and Under 10 athletes.


Under 15 Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC) multi-event will be a heptathlon (7 events), with high jump and javelin added to the program..

Only the Under 14 and Under 15 athletes will do the heptathlon at State Championships. These Championships will be held over 2 days - Friday evening and Saturday.

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