Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots is a program designed to improve the basic movement skills of younger children, along with social skills and self-confidence.

In addition, it provides something for younger siblings to look forward to whilst their big brothers and sisters compete, and introduces the concepts of being 'called to a site' and following instructions within a group.

LATas requirements are outlined in the Information Manual. In summary:

  • children must be 3 and less than 5 as at 31st December of the current season
  • children must be registered after participating in one meet

Tiny Tots is an introductory program and is not to be confused with the competition performed by registered Little Athletes - Tiny Tots are not eligible for LATas Participation or Merit Awards.

This year, our Tiny Tots have enjoyed

  • a variety of activities with hoops, scarves, balls and beanbags
  • an interesting obstacle course each week, made from hurdles to climb under/jump over, a balance beam, a mini-trampoline, a ball net, ropes to walk along or jump over, cones to weave around, hoops to hop or climb through, and
  • running events.

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