State Relay Championships

The State Relay Championships is a major highlight of the Little Athletics calendar each season. It is a state conducted championship competition between Centres.

The competition is open to all registered athletes. The Centre arranges as many teams to compete as possible. LATas assist in establishing combined teams from different Centres to ensure that every remaining athlete gets an opportunity to compete.

As a championship competition entry fees are payable and medals and ribbons are awarded to the relay teams based on performance in the final.

Events offered at the competition are:

Event U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15
4 x 100 Metres X* X* X X X X X X X X
4 x 200 Metres X X X X X X X
Swedish Relay X X X X X X X
Field Relay (Shotput, Long Jump, Discus & Javelin) X X X X X X X X

*From the 2018-19 season the U6 and U7 100m relay will be an invitational shuttle relay (aligning with the national rules of competition, and no fees are payable for competing in this event).

The Swedish relay is spectacular to watch. The order is 100-300-200-400. The first leg (100m) starts at the 200m start point and runs in-lane to the 100m relay change. The second runner (300m) takes the baton and once they go past the crossover point (on the back strait), they can crossover to the inside of the track. The remaining two changes are pack changes, the third runner (200m) at the 200m start point and the last runner (400m) at the finish line.

There are additional rules of competition for the State Relays. The key points for athlete participation are:

  • Athletes may only be named and compete in one relay team for each relay event.
  • Athletes may only compete in their own age group, or the age group above where the event is offered to the athletes own age group. (Sorry U8, that means no participation in the 4x200m or Swedish relays in an U9 team).

4x100m relays

  • Only U11 to U15 athletes may wear spikes.
  • If an U10 athlete is competing in a combined U11 team, no athlete in that team may wear spikes.

4x200m and Swedish relays

  • These relays are only offered to U9 and older athletes.
  • All athletes competing in an U13to U15 4x200m or Swedish relay may wear spikes. Any U12 athlete competing in U13 teams are able to wear spikes.
  • No athlete in U9 to U12 4x200m and Swedish relay teams is permitted to wear spikes.

Field Relay

  • These relays are only offered to U9 and older athletes.
  • Athletes may only compete in one of the four field events (Shotput, Long Jump, Discus and Javelin).
  • Normal field event rules apply for the use of Spikes within the Field Relay.

Athletes must compete in the full uniform, and the name, Little Athletics Tasmania and sponsors badges must be sewn on the shirt. The badge placement is detailed in the Information Manual and here.

Failure to have correct uniform will lead to disqualification of the athlete and hence the team.

Parents assist in the running of the competition through the provision of duties. Competent parents are nominated for officials duties. All new parents are paired with experienced parents in field crews. Officials mentoring is not available at Championship competitions.

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