Centre Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is responsible for creating an environment which gives all members an opportunity to develop to the best of their abilities, whether that be as an administrator, official, coach or athlete.

Being a committee member enables you to be active in setting and promoting the standards for the conduct of actions taken by the Centre and in planning for the future.

Being a member of the Committee requires a commitment to be visible and seek input from members, undetake all actions with transparency and integrity, and maintain confidentiality when required. Enthusiasm to want to make a difference will go a long way too!

Committee Roles
Clause 45 of the constitution defines the roles and responsibilities for the Committee of Management.

Executive committee positions are responsible for ensuring the governance and management of the Centre is within statutory requirements. Executive committee roles are:

Non-executive committee positions are responsible for the administration of the functions necessary to provide and conduct competition, education, coaching and public relations. Non-executive committee roles are:

Each committee role is appointed for a year; elected at the annual general meeting, and commencing at the completion of the same annual general meeting.

Nominations for Committee Roles
Nominations for committee roles must:

  • be made on the nomination form, including the written consent of the nominee; and
  • received by the Secretary before the announced closing date, which will be at least 7 days prior to the annual general meeting.

Should multiple members express interest in a position, then a ballot will be held at the annual general meeting to determine an elected member.

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